VPS Hosting Verus Dedicated Hosting

Many webhosting customers look at various hosting sites and see the terms VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting and unless they are technically proficient, have no idea what the differences are between them. Let’s dispell the myth of what the two different types of advanced hosting options are among the different webhosting companies.

VPS Hosting is considered an advanced webhosting option for a website that wants advanced options without having to pay for a server themselves. VPS Hosting gives your site advanced processing power, additional RAM, increased disk space, additional backbone options from the webhosting provider, and greater support from them. Most basic hosting plans are on shared servers where you and a number of other customers rent space on a server. VPS hosting gives you dedicated space and full root access to your websites and a full control panel to control them. Various levels of VPS hosting and companies exist but Hostgator is one to definitely consider if you are looking for options.

Dedicated hosting is the high end of webhosting, and is for those who want a sever of their own to control and manage. With dedicated hosting, you have a choice of operating systems which include Linux or Windows. Depending on what you want, you can choose Intel Xeon processors for their power, a number of RAM and HD storage options, and the limits of configurations are endless with many webhosting companies giving customers up to 50 different security and enhancement options. Prices for dedicated servers are higher than standard hosting but it gives you a dedicated machine to run your site and not a shared server.


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